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New York State passed new legislation (Bill A07948) requiring physicians performing office-based surgical procedures to become accredited by mid July 2009. To ensure compliance with the legislation and to avoid liability and licensure implications, it is important that these offices start the process as soon as possible, as it takes several months to become accredited. Physicians must also report adverse patient outcome to DOH immediately as they occur.

Office based surgery means any surgical or other invasive procedure requiring general anesthesia, conscious sedation and certain liposuction procedures. Minimal sedation is exempt. Practices include GI practices that perform endoscopies under anesthesia, as well as some other practices using sedation. The practice must be limited to 4 physicians and have no more than three patients incapable of self preservation.

TSIG Consulting Inc, building on its healthcare accreditation practice for major hospitals around the country, is now offering accreditation services to the OBS market place.

Our services include meeting with the physicians to review requirements and set up a schedule of deliverables, provide all of the required documentation for required Policies & Procedures, mock surveys, and any other assistance the physician requires in order to become accredited. New York State Department of Health designation of accreditation agencies are: The Joint Commission (TJC), AAAASF and AAAHC.

Each of the accreditation entities has a different set of requirements, for example, one has specific guidelines as to the space and finishes requirements in the operating room, while another requires at that at least 22 written policies and 61 different documentations are required. TSIG Consulting can advise you on the differences between them, and assist you in the accreditation process with the entity you select.

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