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TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company.(TSIG) has built strong partner relationships with leading healthcare companies to bring you the highest level of service in our industry.

Crothall Services Group

TSIG has been providing Joint Commission accreditation services to many Crothall healthcare clients.

These services include:

• LSA’s
• EC review and documentation
• CAD drawing / barrier update
• Mock surveys
• Scanning services

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Critical Management Solutions

Critical Management Solutions and TSIG provide an Integrated Accreditation Solution (IAS), for a full spectrum of Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance Services, offering a “one stop” solution for the following:

• Assistance in overcoming Denial & Conditional Accreditation decisions
• LSA’s
• Comprehensive Clinical & Life Safety Mock Surveys
• CAD Drawings / Barrier Updates
• EC Consulting / document review and preparation

IAS provides you Accreditation Services support in a more efficient manner, thus, saving you money.  And, by all our Accreditation work being done under one roof, you get quality results that are unmatched in the industry.

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ARAMARK Healthcare

ARAMARK Healthcare partners with TSIG to provide Joint Commission accreditation services for certain ARAMARK Healthcare clients. These services include:

• Statement of Condition;
• Environment of Care consulting/mock building tours; and
• CAD drawings including survey and updated Life Safety drawers.

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HHA Services, an ABM Co.

HHA Service, an ABM Company, is a premier provider of superior food and facility management services to hospitals, healthcare systems, long term care facilities and retirement communities; HHA is committed to delivering responsible and viably-green facility solutions for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment while improving patient satisfaction, enhancing performance and reducing cost for its partners, their clients and the community in which they serve.  With our commitment to help our clients achieve the highest standard of care, HHA has partnered with TSIG to provide accreditation services at many of their facilities.

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Ode Keil Consulting Group Inc.

The Ode Keil Consulting Group Inc. specializes in preparing organizations for accreditation by the TJC.  Areas of special expertise include patient and workplace safety, performance improvement, emergency management, and management of the environment of care.  It is our mission to provide clients with the skills and knowledge to provide very good patient care. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to assess the needs of individual organizations, design complete management processes, and work with clients to hardwire the processes to assure safe, effective management of patient care and the environment of care.


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MGI Consulting, Inc.

MGI Consulting, Inc. provides emergency power commissioning, electrical infrastructure consulting, education and MEP project management services to healthcare and mission critical organizations.  Since 1986 MGI has assisted clients in over 1500 acute care facilities world-wide.  MGI’s consortium of electrical and mechanical engineers is nationally known for the MEP designs of central plants for the largest acute care facilities and telecommunications firms.

MGI brings a whole new meaning to the term “client representation” at a fraction of the cost.

• Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) Evaluations for Functionality, Compliance and Reliability
• EPSS Master Plan Design for Equipment Retrofits and Upgrades
• Forensic Analysis and Subject Matter Expert Consulting
• Automated EPSS Monitoring/Management System Design
• Demand Response Feasibility Studies and Contract Negotiations
• EPSS and MEP Commissioning/Retro-Commissioning
• EPSS Plan and Document Peer Reviews
• Generator Paralleling and Other Redundant Systems
• Fuel Delivery and Filtration System Design
• EPSS Education and Training
• EPA Permitting
• OSHA Arc Flash Compliance

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