RoPET – Repository of Physical Environment Testing (RoPET)

Gathering and storing test results, has proven to be a major problem for healthcare facilities as the tests are performed usually by different entities, with different reporting technologies, from paper to electronics forms. It is likely that several persons are in charge each of his/her own area of responsibilities; hence, information may be stored in different locations.
It appears that TJC will require all the information to be available in electronic form to allow surveyors to examine the data from home base so as not to waste time during the actual survey.
TSIG has developed an application to meet this need called RoPET, Repository of Physical Environment Testing which has the following modules:






System capabilities and advantages
• Document management-all testing documentation for the entire system is available in electronic form in one location

• Management overview-on one dashboard, management can view test results and adherence to schedule for entire system

• Email reminders-reminders are automatically sent to appropriate personnel, based on hierarchical order

• Flexibility-client may add additional local testing requirements, to comply with AHJ, or unique hospital/system protocols
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