Accurate CAD Plans

Accurate CAD Plans

We use state of the art technology to provide you accurate CAD plans of your facility.

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Organizations are routinely faced with the problem of having paper drawings but NO CAD drawings, or having CAD drawings that do not reflect the actual conditions in their facilities. Additions, renovations, design changes, take place and are not reflected on the current drawings. TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) offers architectural survey and drafting services as to remedy this. We have a highly trained staff capable of conducting detailed and accurate CAD surveys in complicated work environments – hospitals, laboratories, universities, government buildings, airports, residential environments and commercial office buildings. We are capable of capturing and measuring information to high degree of accuracy at exceptionally reasonable costs. During the survey process we take hundreds of dimensions from the building exterior and overall corridor lengths to indentations and jogs in the individual rooms.

All dimensions are taken with measuring tape and Leica laser measuring devices. All dimensions are taken to the 1/8 inch.

During the site survey, we can capture the required information – room numbers, room types, departments, cost centers, room occupants, wall coverings, floor types etc.

We focus on client need, rapid project start-up, accuracy and client satisfaction. We offer a high degree of quality control at each step of the way – from the moment we develop a cost proposal to the final completion of the project. The typical steps include:

  • Understanding Client Need
  • Scope of Work – Staffing Model, Schedule & Timeline
  • Site Survey
  • CAD Drafting
  • Re-survey to Validate Dimensional Accuracy
  • Drawing Standardization-Layer Names, Line Style, Line Colors, Title Block, Font Style, Font Size, Blocks etc.
  • Color Prints in 11 x 17 & “E” Size
  • Client Review & Modifications
  • Final CD-ROM of the Accurate As-Built Drawings

Everything we do is done in-house without using offshore CAD services in order to provide and maintain the highest level of accuracy and quality. Over the past 15 years, TSIG has developed as-built CAD documentation in AutoCAD by conducting field surveys and field measurements and has produced accurate as-built drawings for tens of millions of square feet for New York University(NYU), University of Massachusetts at Lowell, University of Connecticut, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, Westchester County Department of Public Works, The General Services Administration (GSA), Syracuse Central School District, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Bellevue Hospital Center, University of New Mexico Medical Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, Newmark & Company Real Estate, Inc etc.

With a staff of 20 surveyors and drafters and over a dozen AutoCAD stations, we are able to meet the most demanding timelines and provide our clients on-going support in maintaining accurate CAD plans. We work with our clients, their architects and contractors, to continuously maintain the accuracy and consistency of their CAD documents.

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