Clinical / Life Safety / Patient Safety – Mock Surveys

Clinical / Life Safety / Patient Safety Mock Surveys

Our specialists will train your staff to prepare for the licensing process.

The scope of clinical safety mock surveys encompasses all clinical, administrative and environmental programs, services and activities of the entire organization. Compliance of all Joint Commission standards or CMS Conditions of Participation (COP) will be assessed by a team consisting of a physician and nurse.

During clinical mock surveys, specific patients’ care and their records are reviewed using the Tracer Methodology with the Joint Commission’s Shared Visions – New Pathways accreditation model. Individual patients are “tracked” or “traced” through their health care experience. Patient records and other documents are reviewed and departmental activity surveyed for compliance with the Joint Commission accreditation standards or CMS COPs. All elements of the current survey process are included in these mock surveys, including system tracers (medication management, data use and infection control) and the leadership and Environment of Care (EC) interviews.

To address the environment programs, a Life Safety Mock survey is conducted by a Life Safety Code / Environment of Care specialist who focuses on compliance with all Joint Commission standards of the Environment of Care (EC) and the Life Safety Assessment (LSA).

Patient Safety Licensing Survey

California, which generally sets an example to the rest of the States, has adopted a new survey process to determine if facilities are in compliance with recently passed State statutes dealing with patient safety. They include: end of life care, brain death, hospital services, patient safety and infection control, discharge planning, dietary policy, immunizations and fair pricing.

The California Department of Health will send two nurse evaluators, or more, to each facility for 1.5 to 2 days to determine if the facility meets the requirements of the statutes. Using a field survey notes booklet they will evaluate and write up deficient practices, for which the facility will be expected to prepare an acceptable plan of correction within 10 days.

TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) can “train your trainers” or staff, a process that will take two days to complete, and get you ready for the licensing process.

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