Egress / Evacuation Signage

Egress / Evacuation Signage

We work in tandem with your staff to create signage that is both fitting and easy to read.

Egress and Evacuation signage provides a tremendous value to building occupants in-case of a fire or other man made or natural disaster. Architectural floor plans map out evacuation routes, viewer location, exits, stairs and life safety equipment. These strategically placed signs constantly educate and inform building occupants.

TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) will work with your facilities and safety officers to use your existing architectural AutoCAD backgrounds and create easy to read and understandable egress evacuation maps.

Symbols are added to the maps to highlight:

  • primary and secondary egress routes
  • exits
  • stairwells
  • portable fire extinguishers
  • fire alarm pull stations
  • location of fire hose
  • area of refuge
  • building name
  • floor and street names
  • you are here symbol for orientation and geographic point of reference

Bold arrows can be used to provide and lead the building occupants to the nearest exit.

With each sign, a fully detailed legend is provided along with instructions for “in case of fire” that meet local Fire & Building Code requirements.

We are experts in CAD, and because we use existing AutoCAD plans, we can clearly define rooms, room numbers, hallways, stairs, doorways, exits etc. to minimize confusion and lead the occupants of the building to safety. We keep your drawings on file for any future corrections and modifications. New signs can be generated quickly to insure that patients, staff and visitors to your institution are always protected.

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