Penetration Remediation

Penetration Remediation

We offer a state of the art penetration report for prevention planning, repair, and remediation.

Many recent healthcare fires have demonstrated that smoke and flames find their way through a building very quickly. Fire protection measures such as sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, alarms etc. can be ineffective because of utility failures (electrical & water pressure), improper maintenance etc. The use of passive fire prevention systems such as firestopping, then becomes exceedingly important to protect against the travel of smoke, deadly gases and toxins created during a fire. Penetrations, joints and gaps in fire-resistive walls, floors and floor/ceiling assemblies can be restored by the use of approved fire stop materials.

The Joint Commission has made Fire Penetration adherence a top priority in its recent surveys. Penetrations have become one of the top three finding during recent Joint Commission surveys.

TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) works with select vendors nationally to provide penetration repair services; from sealing routine penetrations (less than 8” x 8”) to reconstruction of fire walls with masonry and sheetrock. Engineering judgments are used to provide the best course for the repair.

TSIG has developed a state of the art penetration report, from locating the penetrations by using life safety surveyors completely familiar in NFPA-101, to providing a detailed description of the penetration (type, size, quantity and type) to the materials used for repair as well as documenting with a digital camera a picture of the penetration before and after the repair. All penetrations noted on the report are given a unique number, building, floor and location and referenced on the AutoCAD drawings for ease of identification and tracking of the repair.

TSIG and its subcontractors specialize in the use of approved UL Firestopping Systems and materials such as the Hilti materials for firestopping repairs (sealants, collars, firestop mortar, fire foam, fire block, wrap strips, firestop board etc) and have staff who are trained in the application of firestop materials and systems. Material safety data sheets are provided for the facility for the materials and applications used in the repair.

A quality control check is provided by TSIG at the conclusion of the project. Clients are always encouraged to accompany our surveyor and repair teams during this process to observe and validate the completion of the repairs ask questions.

TSIG will adhere to the hospitals Infection control guidelines when working above the ceiling.

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