Accreditation Commissioning Life Safety / Environment of Care

TACL/E – TSIG Accreditation Commissioning Life Safety / Environment of Care

Our new service will drastically cut potential costs for our clients by tracking them early on.
TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. is pleased to announce the creation of a new service to assist our clients in Commissioning Life Safety Accreditation Services from pre-construction, right through post occupancy. The service is called TACL/E – TSIG Accreditation Commissioning Life Safety/Environment of Care.

The process starts with the uploading of drawings to a web site, that allows review and comments by TSIG, and tracking of actions by all concerned, in order to assure compliance with CMS/The Joint Commission/Health Department requirements for adherence to NFPA 101 of 2012 edition of LSC, and resolving any issues before costly construction errors occur. The process ends one year after occupancy with a damper survey.

TACL/E provides a menu of 10 services for the client to choose from. Once a selection of services is made, TSIG will provide a fee proposal for review and approval.


  1. Design review of construction documents at preliminary and working drawing
  2. Pre-construction code review for compliance with NFPA 101, 2012 edition
    (until 2012 is adopted) Life Safety Code as required by CMS. If the design
    calls for more stringent requirements, then no changes will be recommended.
    However, items that are less stringent will need to be brought up to NFPA
  3. Availability to respond to questions during construction phase.
  4. Prepare Life Safety drawings as per TSIG standards.
  5. When construction is nearly complete, conduct a pre-occupancy Life Safety
    Assessment. Any corrections will have to be made by the contractor.
  6. Prepare repository of all required testing and documentation such as fire alarm
    and suppression testing, generator and medical gas testing, air balancing and
    exchange rates, etc.
  7. Mapping of all utilities based on design documents.
  8. CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management): space management and
    reimbursement drawings.
  9. Evacuation drawings.
  10. One year after completion of construction, survey dampers as required.
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