The Joint Commission Survey Preparation (TJC)

The Joint Commission Survey Preparation (TJC)

Our dedicated TJC team will visit your site monthly and help you prepare for surveys.

The Joint Commission Survey Preparation Team at TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company. (TSIG) can perform a life safety evaluation of healthcare facilities and prepare necessary documentation related to the Environment of Care (E of C) including the preparation of the Life Safety Assesment (LSA). We have surveyed millions of square feet for major medical centers. Our software is used to track the Plan for Improvement (PFI) to meet the intent of having dynamic and up-to-date LSA. To support this effort, we offer a new service- Our surveyors will visit your site monthly, and review, survey, and update the LSA on a pre-determined schedule.


TSIG Consulting offers the following services:

  • LSA preparation – Life Safety Assesment accomplished thru a life safety survey of the building and resulting in a list of deficiencies and a PFI-Plan for improvement that indicates the cost, funding source and anticipated date of correction. All deficiencies are shown on the drawings in their location to assist the institution in the remediation process. The services include preparation/review of BBI and updated Barrier Plans. This service is offered on a one time effort to create a base line, or on a monthly basis wherein 1/12 of the facility is surveyed each month. The services are available for a contract based on 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • EC Continuous Readiness Program – Quarterly review of two (2) consultation days each. A comprehensive review for compliance with all EC Elements of Performance via verification of records and documents (e.g. Management Plans, Risk Assessments, Annual Evaluations, EC committee meetings minutes, Statement of Condition, Performance Measures, etc.), Each visit includes a Physical site evaluation- 1/4 of the facility will be toured each quarter. Random staff challenges in mock survey fashion will be conducted. Assisting in EC documentation and program development. Provide one (1) day per year of on site assistance in the preparation of Periodic Performance Review (PPR) / Measures of Success (MOS) materials Unlimited EC phone/fax/ email consultation
    Provide on-going TJC-EC informational updates, and other regulatory updates.
    Provide one (1) day of on site EC Education
    Availability to meet on site or by phone during The Joint Commission survey. This service is offered on a 1,,2,or 3 year contract.
  • Mock Surveys – performed by our staff and supplemented by nurses or doctors to suite your needs
  • eLSA – provide assistance in entering the LSA results thru the The Joint Commission external net, as required by 1/01/07
  • CAD Plans – survey and updating cad plans, including the latest Barrier Plans, due to on going renovations
  • Fire Drills – We conduct the as proscribed by The Joint Commission
  • Damper Survey – We arrange to have the smoke and fire dampers surveyed, tested and indicated on floor plans TSIG offers the following software products for your use :
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