TSIG’s On-Line Compliance Assistance Manager (TOLCAM)

In our ongoing efforts to provide quick and easy access to the necessary information healthcare organizations need to assure compliance with various regulatory demands, TSIG has created this new service for our clients. This new service will provide the user immediate answers to all your Physical Environment questions related to the Environment of Care, Emergency Management and Life Safety standards, as well as any questions related to CMS, HFAP and DNV accreditation needs. All within a 24 hour turn-around time.

Main Features:

triage  Physical Environment Triage (Ask-the-Expert!) Get Immediate Expert Advice and Answers to urgent  questions or concerns regarding your Joint Commission, DNV, CMS & DOH regulatory compliance needs straight from our  team of expert EC, EM, LS consultants “The Physical Environment STAT Team”.
icmd  Physical Environment IC MD Triage (Ask-the-Expert!) Get Immediate Expert Advice and Answers to  urgent questions or concerns regarding your Infection Prevention regulatory compliance needs straight from our team of experts  specializing with providing evidence-based best practice information. This section is supported by Safety and Disaster  Solutions, Inc. (SDSi), Mark Shamash, MS,HEM,CHSP, and Steven J. Schweon, RN,MPH,MSN,CIC,HEM, through a  strategic Partnership with TSIG Consulting, a Division of the Greeley Company.
cpr  Physical Environment CPR Give your Physical Environment Program the Life Support it needs by  receiving Immediate Updates on any new Joint Commission & CMS Directives, Changes in Standards & Codes and periodic  news  briefs  as soon as they are announced, published or discovered by “The Physical Environment STAT Team”.
1staid  Physical Environment First Aid Kit Obtain all the Essential Samples, Tools and Templates that provide  illustrative evidence of standard compliance in an easy to find and user friendly format. Designed to provide optimal survey  outcomes by “The Physical Environment STAT Team”.
codeblue  Physical Environment Code Blue Learn in advance how to prepare your Physical Environment needs by receiving  Results of Recent Surveys, including Surveyor Focuses and ‘Hot Buttons’, and see how others have experienced the survey  process from our ongoing monitoring and survey updates followed by “The Physical Environment STAT Team”.
rx  Physical Environment Rx (Prescription) Receive the necessary Environment of Care, Emergency  Management and Life Safety information, guidance and best demonstrated practices via our Nationally Recognized Quarterly    Newsletter, “TSIG News’, written by “The Physical Environment STAT Team”.

Other benefits of TOLCAM include:

  • Immediate access to valuable tools and templates that are essential for illustrating compliant practices
  • Periodic updates on any important changes to codes, standard and regulations that could affect your next survey outcome
  • Summaries of recent surveys, demonstrating what surveyors are looking for and trending of the most frequent Recommendations for Improvements (RFI’s)
  • Access to our quarterly newsletters with a full archive of all past issues

To Subscribe: Contact Gregory Paoli at 212.420.8724 ext. 240 or by email at

Special Offer: For anyone who contributes a detailed summary report of their last survey for inclusion within our “Code Blue” section, including the name of your surveyors and their “Hot Buttons”, you will receive a free one-year’s subscription to access TOLCAM services.

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